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I love to draw! I probably sit and draw some fun thing everyday. My top favorite things to draw are rainbows, birthday cakes, cupcakes, and I have a thing for party hats. In my coloring books, I'm getting better at staying closer to the lines and filling in with color.


Mix-media is my forte. I'll paint and then I might add some drawings to it. I'll later decide that my artwork may need some things glued and glittered to it. I'll even consider cutting up my artwork. Then, after much thought (or not), I'll scrap it and just go back to painting! Total free flow!


Well, my first sculpture was at school. We used beads and random objects to stick on the old playdough. At home, I decided that I wanted to play with my playdough. It just came to me that I could color on it. Then it was a must that I shake tons of multi-colored glitter all over it. Funny thing though, glitter doesn't seem to stick everywhere you want it to go but it seems to go everywhere. Much to my delight!