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Payten was watching a movie with her dad when She looks around and says, "Ewww! It's stinky! What's that smell? Oh, It's me. I'm the stinker!"

Payten says, "Mom, you are the most favorite mom, I ever met!"

A few days ago, Chris read Payten a book entitled, 'Talk Like a Pirate." Today when Payten found an unopened bag of fruit snacks in her car seat she exclaimed, "Shiver Me Timbers!"


Mom, How do I turn my head around? How do I turn it around to see my back? How does it turn around?!

Weeks earlier Chris and I mentioned that there was a 'plethora' of some items (I can’t even recall what it was…). One evening, after being seated at a restaurant where there table cloth was an elephant print, Payten chimes in, "Look, there is a 'plethora' of elephants!" We didn't even know she had been paying attention until that point!

While eating peas, Payten asked if remembered when she had a pea up her nose. I told her that she can’t do that again because we don’t have money to take her to the doctor if one got stuck up there again. She proceeds to explain to me that if I go to the store and buy some money - then I can go to the doctor's!

As I was opening a bottle of rewetting drops for my eyes Patyen had asked what was in my hand. I explained that they were drops for when my eyes get dried out. So Payten says, "I need those drops because my eyes are gonna fall out, mama!"

Payten was at at Rite-Aid with her dad and took some licks of her strawberry ice cream. Payten just kept going on and on about how this was the best ice cream she ever had. That it is her favorite. That is the most wonderful and so on.

Payten likes to say "wear it on" when referring to wearing clothing.

Payten sees an ant and says, "That ant is crawling up our 'dress up' (or our dresser)!"

After asking Payten to put on her shoes and commenting that I thought they were super cute shoes, she responds…"Yeah, but they're not cuter than me, mama!"

After telling Payten that she can't have a certain item because it is medicine…she starts to over exaggerate a total fake cough and says, "I'm sick, I need it!"

Payten was standing on top of her table and slipped off. She laid on the floor for a minute or so and we were waiting to see if she was going to cry or if she was hurt. Instead she quietly got up to stand back onto the table. Once there, she yells, "That was incredible!"

During the clap the hands song when we sing out each child name, and it come to the part where everyone sings "Payten is here today, Payten is here today…She says, "No, I'm dopey." The whole class sang her name as Dopey (from Snowwhite)!

While taking a walk at the beach, Payten tells me she wants to stop and look at the surfer. He just came out of the water and has his wet suit was hanging down by his waist, making him shirtless. While he is walking past us, Payten says, in a voice loud enough for him to hear also, that he has naked man boobs. After we got home payten tells me she wants her shirt off so that she can be a "naked surfboard." (She meant naked surfer.)


After snuggling with Payten and play eating her up I say, "You're so cute. I'm gonna eat you!" She breaks free and says, "No, I'm not a cookie!"

While being stopped at a stop light we noticed two construction workers by the road. Payten waves with her hand delicately moving only her fingers and yells, " Hi mans!"

After playing with a toy car back and forth I suggest to Payten that we play with another toy. "OK. Car is going to wait here (she places it in her shoe) and live happily ever after in my shoe."

After waking up and taking about what is in for our day. Payten says that the park is far away. "Its JAFAR!" – (This play on words was used in the Aladdin play. The genie says to the villain, named Jafar, that he looks better from "Jafar!")

Payten and I are eating crackers and cheese together. I take a bite of mine but my cracker breaks up with my first bite. We laugh as it was unexpected. Then she says and points, "That cracked you up!"

After correcting Chris and I (like 10 times), that her name is Princess Jasmine… At one point in asking her to do something or rather not to do something she says, "Payten's not here — I'm Jasmine!"

Payten talked in her sleep, "Mama, what's my name?!"

After discussing that we were going down to watch a video instead of watching a video at the computer upstairs, Payten says well, "Maybe computer can get feet and go down stairs (with us)."

Having sung 'Hippity Hop Easter's on it's way' a bunch to Payten…she heard me talking to my mom on the phone about Easter and asks me, "Mom, is Easter on it's way?"

In the evening, after pretend swimming in the bathtub, Payten yells her usual, "I'm done!" but adds "— being a shark!"

It was class day today and Payten was a clown! She told crying Jason's mom that she needed to give him a Kleenex. During the clap the hands song, when we sing out each child name, it come to the part where everyone is singing "Payten is here today, Payten is here today…She insisted, "No, I'm [Princess] Jasmine!!!! No, I'm [Princess] Jasmine!!!!

After brushing her teeth she always is asked to rinse and spit. "Look, I spit like a princess!" she tells me.

After eating her apple she kisses me. "I gave you an Apple Kiss!"


Before going to sleep, Payten picks a bugger out of her nose and motions to hand it to me and says, "I got bugger. Don't eat it!"


Payten said good-bye to the guy sitting outside of Target. She yells, "Good-bye, I going home and get NAKED!"

I was explaining that if another boy or girl has her toy she can ask nicely for it instead of screaming at the top of her lungs. I told her you can say, "Can I please have that toy?" She says, "Yeah, but he probably say No."

Payten wakes up remembering (maybe dreaming?) about the moth by the window before she fell asleep. "Mama, mama — No butterflies! Go away.

Grandma Sandy and I are in the dining room and Payten goes over to sit on the couch. She was quite so I asked her what she was doing and she replies, "I relaxing." — She just turned 2 years and the kid needs to relax!

Payten loves counting out loud, "2, 7, 8, 11!"

Payten puts on her shoes all by herself and Velcroed them closed, as well. My big girl!

Kissed her own knee with an owie.

She has her own made up hand sign that she thinks makes people laugh at her. Something like one hand up and the other hand on her arm pit. It does look funny!

Bought Payten a toy steering wheel so that she could pretend to drive like mom and dad.

Payten called Toby, Jeff's horse, on her toy cell phone.

During the day Payten is into hiding a lot. Tonight she wouldn't go to sleep unless she was hiding under a pillow. "Hide, Hide!"

After having taught Payten to pet things gently she finds the moon in the night sky and wanted to pet the moon gently, too!

After having taught her that she can blow lint on the carpet to move it later on in the day she opens a book and tried to move the pictures by blowing on them too!

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