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my daddy

My daddy, Chris, is such a rock star! Not only does he drink enough Rockstar energy drinks to keep up with his night-owl lifestyle, he is also an all-star student at CSUSM where he performs weekly shows as an energetic musician with three bands. Heís been doing that way longer than Iíve been alive! On an average day, we like to eat ice-cream, walk to 7/11 for slurpees, sing new songs, run inside the tunnels at Boomers, and of course, head out to the parks for some running, bike riding, and play-time. He also teaches me some of the Japanese heís been learning. In Japanese, I can say hello, good-bye, thank you, your welcome, and various other grammatical inflections of the Japanese language that are beyond my literary comprehension, becauseÖ
Iím just a toddler.

my mommy

My mommy, Michelle, is my most favorite mommy in the whole world. She likes to dress me up in clothes that she thinks looks cute and cool; however, Iím starting to have an opinion of my own, and I like letting her know what I intend to wear. She used to come with me to school but I grew up some and can now go by myself. Mommy sets up fun play-time for me with my little buddies and funny thing, she always seems to be having just as much fun as me with the other mommyís. I always manage to get her back on track and let her know what we are really there for Ė me! My mom and I get a kick dancing to the Aladdin soundtrack, catching story-times at the library, and creating masterpiece artwork. I consider my mommy to be my artistic mentor as I often refer to her for assistance and guidance, when seeking various color combinations for the plethora of mixed-media I partake in, becauseÖ
Iím just a toddler.

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