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What is Upromise?

Well, once you join Upromise, nearly everything you buy or do can mean more money for college in your Upromise account. Every time you make an eligible purchase, their partners return a portion of that money back to you. Those earnings accumulate in your Upromise account until you decide to use it to invest in a 529 plan, help pay down eligible student loans or assist with college expenses - all tax-free!

Check out all of the great program options. Remember, the more you do, the more you can get back. You'll be able to watch your Upromise account accumulate daily with all your eligible purchases. And above all, you help pave the way toward some youngster's very bright future - or so I'm told!

Some of my relatives became members of Upromise for ME when I was born. How awesome is that?! Next time you're shopping in the grocery store, just take quick look around the isles for the Upromise symbol. You'll most likely see that the symbol corresponds with items you probably already regulary purchase.

Check it out!

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