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  • Carlsbad Library
    - Full of story-time dates, puppet shows, and fun kid events - for FREE!

  • Ask Dr. Sears
    - These guys are authors of the Baby Book and the Dicipline Book - love it!

  • Mamasource
    - Joined through a friend and thankful for it. For those who love to help and in turn seek the advice of others.

  • San Diego North County Parks Guide
    - Great park listing (with and without toielts - very important!). I love the San Elijo Spray ground Park on a hot day!

  • SlingshotBabies
    - Gotta' love a workin' SAH mom. All hand-made and cool threads for newborns and toddlers!

  • The Urban Dictionary
    - What's up with the slang these days? Check it out here! My mom's getting prepared for my pre-teen years, I guess.

  • YMCA - Encinitas
    - Classes and events for cheap.

    - Worth a look if you want a good deal.

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