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Welcome to my web page where you can find everything that has to do with ME,
Miss. Payten Leucadia James!

I was born July 13th, 2005 and have been going ever since! I've done a lot of things over the last few years and have gained much experience in the art of sad-puppy-dog eyes. Most of the time, I love to hang with the two most important people in my life, my mom and dad.

Some of the most favorite things I like to do is dress up like princesses (I seem to have a connection with Princess Jasmine, it might be because of Aladdin - but, I dunno.), paint, color, sing, swim in the bath, dance, read books, go to pre-school, play with friends and learn new things. There seems to be a lot of new things out there.

Please visit me here as often as you wish. My mom says she'll be updating the site frequently, as I grow and change over the coming years. Come back and visit ME again real soon!

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